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BonBonBar combines the fun of candy bars with the quality of artisan confections.

All of our candies are handmade in Los Angeles from fresh ingredients that are organic and local whenever possible, and we strive to be an eco-friendly business. We believe that chocolate should only mingle with equally spectacular ingredients, such as butter, cream, California nuts, oranges, single malt Scotch, vanilla beans, and sea salt. Artificial ingredients, including high-fructose corn syrup, are banned at BonBonBar.

Featured Products

S'more Rum Candy Bar

Bourbon Candy Bar

Scotch Candy Bar

Salted Chocolate Nut Caramallows

Other Products

Pumpkin Pie Bar Pumpkin Pie Bar Scotch Candy Bar Scotch Candy Bar Salted Chocolate Nut Salted Chocolate Nut Vanilla Marshmallows Vanilla Marshmallows Caramel Nut Bar Caramel Nut Bar Orange Bar Orange Bar

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